About Ryan Dobson


Parenting expert Ryan Dobson grew up as the son of another parenting expert, Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson. His high-profile family life afforded Dobson a unique view on the world, because security was always a factor the Dobson family had to consider. Along with his wife Laura, Dobson—host of REBEL Parenting—speaks around the country nearly every weekend in churches, strengthening families and marriages. In this work, they’ve watched as parents have become more and more concerned with the safety of their kids. In response to this, they founded HomeSafe, a new church-based program empowering families with the strategies and tools they need to be willing able and ready to face dangers.

The author of six books—including multiple best-sellers—Dobson is a Radio Host, has a Top 20 iTunes podcast, has spoken before more than one million people around the world, and has appeared in numerous major media outlets including FOX News Huckabee, The Wall Street Journal print edition, and RYAN GIMME MORE. He and his wife Laura live safely in Colorado Springs with their two children.